Cara Delevingne keeping fit by tightrope walking – report


Cara Delevingne has reportedly taken up tightrope walking in a bid to stay in shape.

The model and actress’ body is her fortune, as she has to stay trim and toned for catwalk appearances and strong for her movie and TV roles.

According to British newspaper The Sun, the 27-year-old has taken up an unusual hobby in order to keep fit, physically and mentally.

“Cara recently took up this new hobby and is already obsessed,” a source close to the Carnival Row star explained. “As well as strengthening the core by having to stay up and balance, it’s amazing for really honing leg muscles, which is important for a model.”

Revealing Cara likes tightrope walking because it’s an easy pastime to keep up with on the road, the insider added: “Cara loves it because it helps keep her mind focused when she’s away filming movies or fashion ads and there’s loads of waiting around.”

However, the star reportedly avoids unnecessary risks and does not walk the tightrope at a perilous height. The workout, often known as ‘slacklining’, usually involves a rope set at hip height.