Who Has Better Hair: Andrew Garfield or His ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Stunt Double?

Credit: Hector Valllenilla/Pacific Coast News

One of the most difficult things about being Spider-Man is getting into the suit. It is pretty tight, after all. And it’s especially difficult when you’ve got hair as luscious as Andrew Garfield’s. Do you slick the mask back over your carefully gelled hair, or do you just throw it on as quickly as possible? How does Spider-Man have time to keep his tresses so excellent in the time constraits he’s faced with? Where there’s a web, there’s a way.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any hair tips for you, but check out Garfield and his stunt double William Spencer contemplate the best way to keep their locks looking fabulous under the Spidey mask, and take a gander at our gallery to see other celebs and their stunt doubles.

15 Celebrities and Their Stunt Doubles

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