11 Celebrity Audition Tapes Where They Didn’t Get The Part

Celebrity audition tapes are a wonderful treasure in Hollywood. We get to see celebrities vulnerable in a way that we can all relate to. Will the get the part? Will they not? In most situations, we see celebrity audition tapes for actors that got the part. But what about those actors who laid it all out in the audition and then didn’t get the part?

1. Scarlett Johansson – Jumanji

Role: Judy Shepard

Actor that got the part: Kirsten Dunst

We’ve loved Jumanji for years now and couldn’t imagine it any other way. But after watching this audition tape, we think that Scar Jo would have made a really cute Judy.

2. Josh Hutcherson – The Amazing Spider-Man

Role: Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Actor that got the part: Andrew Garfield

As much as we love Josh Hutcherson, there’s no way we could have seen him as Spider-Man. He could have made a funny Peter Parker, but we don’t think he’d be able to nail the web-slinging counterpart.

3. Jessica Alba – Get Smart

Role: Agent 99

Actor that got the part: Anne Hathaway

We thought Jessica nailed this audition, but we guess the casting directors had different opinions.

4. Jennifer Lawrence – Lullaby

Role: Meredith

Actor that got the part: Jessica Barden

As always, Jennifer Lawrence delivered in this audition. We never saw the film, so we can’t say whether or not Jessica Barden did the role justice or not, but we do wonder what she did differently to win the part over J. Law.

5. Brad Pitt – Backdraft

Role: Brian McCaffrey

Actor that got the part: William Baldwin

We’re a little too distracted by how good looking Brad Pitt is to even tell if this audition was good. Apparently Robert Downey Jr. was also considered for this role. Maybe the casting directors couldn’t handle the hotness?

6. Kurt Russell – Star Wars

Role: Han Solo

Actor that got the part: Harrison Ford

We’ve got to give it up to Kurt Russell, he really worked it for this audition. But unlucky for him, Harrison Ford’s friendship with George Lucas ultimately led to his discovery and casting for this iconic role.

7. Robert De Niro – The Godfather

Role: Sonny

Actors that got the part: James Caan

Apparently Robert De Niro auditioned for multiple roles in the first Godfather film but didn’t land a single one. But that doesn’t mean that this unsuccessful audition kept him out of the business, since he knocked it out of the park as Vito Corleone in The Godfather: Part II.

8-10. Seth Rogen, Eric Stonestreet, and Adam Scott – The Office

Roles: Dwight, Kevin, and Jim

Actors who got the parts: Rainn Wilson, Brian Baumgartner, and John Krasinski

There are plenty of famous faces in this audition tape, but the most surprising are these 3. While we don’t think these auditions prove any of them deserved the roles (no one could play Dwight better than Rainn), we are curious what The Office would have been like with them.

11. Emilia Clarke – Belle

Role: Elizabeth Murray

Actor that got the part: Sarah Gadon

We thought Emilia really did well in this audition, but maybe we’re just impartial to her. Any Game of Thrones fan might be a bit too obsessed with her to look at this audition tape with an unbiased opinion.


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