30 Celebrity Commercials From Before They Were Famous

It’s easy to get swept up with major Hollywood stars this time of year, gazing at the red carpet and thinking of these celebs as superhuman megastars, but even the biggest names around got their starts in less glamorous ways. Before their Oscars and Emmys, these stars had Pop Tarts and Lisa Frank.1. Ben Affleck

Dig those smooth moves and that hip phone! The two-time Oscar winner starred in this Burger King commercial before becoming the megastar we know today from films like Good Will Hunting and Gone Girl. His next role may be playing Batman, but now we’ll always think of him as this bad boy who breaks the rules.

2. Brad Pitt

It may be crazy to see a superstar like Brad Pitt shelling for potato chips, but if you think about it, not much has really changed for the Oscar-winning Fight Club star since this Pringles commercial: he still looks good enough to make our mouths water.

3. Jennifer Lawrence

Since starring in this commercial for MTV’s Super Sweet 16Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence has taught those boys how to properly carry her around on her throne, where this Oscar-winning actress belongs.

4. Stanley Tucci

We’ve always loved The Devil Wears Prada‘s Stanley Tucci, but seeing him young and hunky in this Levi’s commercial made us love him even more.

5. Steve Carell

Steve Carell may have received his first Oscar nomination for his dramatic role in Foxcatcher, but this commercial shows that he’s at his best when he’s being funny and lovable.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio

We’re like 97% sure we’d take our pants off immediately if Leo came up to us now and told us to “keep it poppin” or to “save some for Daddy.” The 5-time Academy Award nominee is underrated even when it comes to his commercials.

7. Haley Joel Osment

We’re just gonna throw this out there: The Sixth Sense could have been a much better movie if they’d stuck to the original line, “I see snack dragons.” Just saying. Also, not even a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle would eat a pizza that looks that gross, Kraft.

8. Naomi Watts

Young Naomi Watts, the two-time Academy Award nominee you know from films like Birdman and Mulholland Drive, was once a teenager with a thick Australian accent. Like most of us, the near-perfect actress worried about her skin, her figure, and “that one” problem we don’t talk about.

9. Bruce Willis and Sharon Stone

“You sound like a commercial.” “You buyin’ it?” This is the greatest moment of either of their careers. Just kidding, Sharon Stone has gone on to many other performances that are just as good, if not better.

10. Mila Kunis

So, we guess we can thank Mila Kunis for helping make Lisa Frank such a thing in the 90s. It’s hard to believe that the star was only two years away from her breakout role on That ’70s Show.

11. Elijah Wood:

We’ve always had a lot of love for Elijah Wood’s facial expressions. From Lord of the Rings to Wilfred, his face is sometimes the only thing that makes his performances entertaining. This commercial might just be his shining moment.

12. Kristen Stewart

We love how sassy Kristen Stewart is in this Porsche commercial — that head nod and “duh” look on her face, as if she would lie about missing her bus, Dad. But secretly, she’s all *Live Fast, Die Hard, Bad Girls, Do It Well* #YOLO. Performance of her career, honestly.

13. Meg Ryan

We would personally rather watch a never-ending loop of Meg Ryan’s face appearing over the Burger King logo than watch Sleepless in Seattle.

14. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

How many times have we fantasized about the chance to be at Joseph Gordon Levitt’s house with him making us breakfast in the morning? Countless. But we never imagined it could be as adorable and delicious as this 1991 Pop Tarts commercial makes it seem.

15. Tobey Maguire

Yo, Spider-Man is having an uncomfortable amount of fun in the bathroom.

16. Corey Feldman

This adorable McDonalds commercial from 1975 may have been heartwarming back then, but 40 years later, it just reminds us how much The Goonies star hasn’t aged since he was 4.

17. Demi Moore

We’re not sure if the Ghost star was trying to sell Diet Coke by convincing us we might fall in love, or if she was trying to warn us of the dangers and health problems that could arise from drinking it, but we still like it.

18. Keanu Reeves:

Eating cereal has seriously never looked more fun than it does in this commercial. We would love to eat Kelloggs Corn Flakes with Keanu, Matrix style.

19. Stephen Colbert

This ad seems like a news report, and we can totally see a lot of similarities between this FirsTier Bank commercial and The Colbert Report.

20. Matt LeBlanc

Okay, the best things might come to those who wait, but does the Friends star now have to run back up to the roof, or is he just gonna waste that whole bottle of ketchup just to look cool eating one hot dog? Joey. Doesn’t. Waste. Food.

21. Courteney Cox

Fun fact: the Friends star was the first person to ever say “period” (referring to menstruation, not punctuation) on TV. She then broke down more boundaries by starring in terribly-named-but-not-actually-terrible TV shows, like Cougar Town.

22. Elisabeth Moss

Are we the only ones watching this commercial as if we’re watching Pegy pitch an ad campaign on Mad Men? We can’t be.

23. Sarah Michelle Gellar

This 4-year-old Sarah Michelle Gellar just slayed Burger King’s competition faster than you could say “Buffy.” Un-be-liev-able!

24. Bryan Cranston

Fans were amazed with how Bryan Cranston transformed from the lovable Hal on Malcolm in the Middle into the meth kingpin Heisenberg on Breaking Bad, but the truly incredible transformation of his career happened way earlier. The way he instantly goes from being a skunk to a human is absolutely astonishing.

25. Aaron Paul

This commercial seems like it could actually just be Breaking Bad‘s Jesse Pinkman waiting to eat his breakfast before heading off to Chemistry with Mr. White, doesn’t it? Aaron Paul’s gotta have his Pops, bitch!

26. Megan Mullally and John Goodman

We love Karen Walker enough to be able to recognize that incredible voice anywhere, even if it’s some place strange, like a McDonalds commercial. While Karen would certainly never actually sell Egg McMuffins, we’re pretty sure that Roseanne star John Goodman totally would.

27. Seth Green

We don’t mean to diminish the abilities of our favorite werewolf from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or our favorite dimwitted cartoon son from Family Guy, but this is definitely Seth Green’s brightest moment. That hair, the accent. He totally nails the 90s goon role with lines like, “Consequently, we can hit on ’em,” and “Definitely – NOT!”

28. Tony Hale

Tony Hale won our hearts playing Buster on Arrested Development (and an Emmy playing Gary on Veep), and this commercial proves that he’s made a career out of his hilarious concern regarding women’s toiletries. We wonder if Gary’s Leviathan on Veep has Herbal Essences.

29. Charlie Day

This quirky commercial for Cascade dishwasher detergent looks like Charlie Day just stepped out of an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Graduating and heading straight into retirement also seems like a total Charlie Kelly scheme, doesn’t it?

30. Jane Lynch

Okay, the only thing we love more than Frosted Flakes and Tony the Tiger is this commercial with Glee star Jane Lynch camping out everyday trying to sneak a peak at the elusive mascot himself.