15 Celebrity Couples We Wish Would Happen

We’ve watched their characters fall in love on the big screen and in our living rooms. We cried as we watched them endure heartache and unrequited love. We cheered when someone made the first move and they overcame obstacles. Who says true love can only happen in the movies? Here are 14 pairs of actors we believe have too much chemistry and history to not be together in real life.  We must wait patiently until they realize their happy ending. 

14. Keira Knightely and Orlando Bloom


It was there tortured, forbidden relationship in Pirates of the Carribean that hooked us in 2003. The beautiful pair couldn’t stay away despite the difficult circumstances. If nothing else is worth it, they should get together just because the kids would have great hair. 

13. Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey


In so many ways, Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most heart-breaking shows out there. With characters like Izzie Stevens and Lexie Grey undergoing so much loss, it was important to have Meredith and Derek to cheer us up. We think Patrick’s silliness would be the perfect balance to Ellen’s toughness!

12. Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski


It’s this couple that we got so attached to when they were on TV, we can’t let them go We’ve grown with Pam and Jim over the years and gotten to watch their relationship unfold. We beg you, Jenna and John, to grant us that same pleasure again! 

 11. Ellen Page and Michael Cera


In Juno, Ellen and Michael play an adorably young and naive pair that despite everything, really cared for one another. The actors’ quirky personalities and sweet dispositions would work just as well in real life, in our opinions. Ellen’s recent coming out speech, though eloquently said and so touching, may pose a problem for this pair.

10. Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling


On-screen, Piper and Alex cannot get away from one another. Despite their ability to poorly influence each other, the two are drawn to each other. Laura even admits that the chemistry with Taylor is there when she interviewed with After Ellen. Here’s to hoping the same magnetic pull is between the two actresses! 

9. Jennifer Aniston and David Scwimmer


Ross waited so long for Rachel to love him in Friends ,that we’re not giving up hope on this one. Even though it’s been 20 years since Friends aired, we believe in the powerful and patient love that David and Jennifer will one day experience!

8. Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick


One of TV’s most monumental couples was the once-surprising pair of Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. At first Blair’s high maintenance and Chucks elusiveness made them seem destined for failure, but they defied obstacle after obstacle and ended up together. How do they not see that Leighton’s sweet feminity and Ed’s tough masculinity would be optimal?

7. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio 


A favorite couple of all times, Kate and Leonardo’s chemistry is evident time and time again. Whether it’s their long-time friendship or Kate’s comment that “Leo is my love of my life,” we can’t let go of the talented and beautiful pair. 

6. Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson 


This one is less because of the actors chemistry together, but more for the fantasy of Harry and Hermoine dating in real life. The fictional couple was so important to so many as they were growing up, that we believe Emma and Daniel should suck it up and date for the fans!

5. Zoey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt


This quirky pair has felt right since they starred in (500) Days of Summer together. According to HelloGiggles, Zoey’s website, the pair have know each other since 2000. They even sang in a YouTube video together. If the way they make music is any indicator of their relationship success, we can tell you it’s going to be beautiful.

4. Amy Poehler and Adam Scott


Ben and Leslie proved that friendship is the the best foundation for any relationship. The wedding episode as well as the entire “I love you, and I like you” concept has taken the viewers by storm. Amy said in a recent Q&A with Reddit that she thinks Adam “is a great actor, he’s a great kisser, has a GREAT head of hair,” so maybe her infatuation can grow with time like Leslie’s did.

3. Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel 


Throughout the many seasons of How I Met Your Mother, Lily and Marshall remained one of the most stable and fun couples on TV. They were never overly romantic and were always being goofy with each other. Alyson and Jason’s humor and comfort with each other after nine seasons must be able to translate outside of work.

2. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere


Between Runaway Bride and Pretty Woman, this unstoppable pair had us truly feeling the depths of their on-screen love. Richard’s characters were always taken by Julia’s characters’ spirit and joy, so we don’t see why that would change off set! 

1. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling


The Notebook has gone down as one of the most-beloved romance movies of our time. For good reason! Rachel and Ryan’s passion and chemistry with one another is unmistakable. The pair even reinacted their kiss when they won the MTV Best Kiss Award in 2005 and as well as dated until 2007. Sorry, Eva Mendes, but these too are clearly meant to be.