Celebrity Musings: Twitter Roundup

Rashida Jones, Parks & RecNBC

Some celebrties like to use Twitter as their creative writing class and can spout off some truly random tweets. This week’s stars, however, took to Twitter to muse about the intracacies of life, like unconditional love, being kind to your fellow humans, and Beyoncé (because of course). Rainn Wilson also took the time to ask the one question that everyone in the world has been asking.

Stephen Colbert

Those Congressman are so hard. 

Anna Kendrick

Not positive, but guessing that Anna’s a Beyoncé fan?

Dwayne Johnson

If someone would know, it’d be The Rock.

Rashida Jones

Rashida gives us the ultimate of all truths! Those 5 words are never not suspect.

Katy Perry

Take a gander, kids – this is what starts going through your mind when you date John Mayer.

Rainn Wilson