7 Celebrities Who Have Crazy Stalker Stories

We often roll our eyes when celebrities complain about their lives, but we have to admit sometimes fame sucks. Many celebrities have had their lives threatened in the craziest of ways by stalkers. But these stalkers have to be the craziest of the bunch! Here are seven celebrities with really crazy stalker stories.

1. Jennifer Aniston’s stalker tried to abduct her when she was getting Starbucks.

Columbia Pictures/Tumblr

Wow, some celebrities can’t even have a cup of coffee without their life being threatened! Aniston was at Starbucks one day when Jason Peyton was waiting outside for her with a sharp object, duct tape, and messages confessing his love for the actress. Luckily he was arrested before he got to her.

2. Jodie Foster’s stalker shot a President trying to win her love.


We’re not sure if it gets any crazier than this! This actress’ devoted admirer decided to try to kill for her. John Hickley Jr. wrote her many letters before shooting President Ronald Regean in hopes to make her happy.

3. Ashanti’s stalker wouldn’t stop sending her nasty pictures.


If your pet peeve is getting unsolicited dirty pics from men, then this singer has lived your worst nightmare. Her stalker would send raunchy pictures of himself to her and her mother in 2010. He was arrested, but after he was released he began filling her Twitter feed with more pictures of himself.

4. Jennifer Lopez’s stalker randomly moved in her guest house.

Smart Entertainment/Tumblr

The singer had a very unwanted tenant for some time. A 49-year-old fireman sneaked into the guest house of her home and was not found until six days later! The man crashed on the couch and parked his car right in front of her security. When he finally was found he tried to say that he was her husband. She later got a protective order against him when he tried to contact her mom.

5. Conan O’Brien’s stalker was a priest.


Not all stalkers are randoms off the street. The late-night talk show host was being harassed by a priest! Reverend David Ajemian wrote many notes to Conan, contacted his parents, and even showed up to the studio. He was later arrested on stalking charges.

6. Beyoncé’s stalker thought she was an impostor.


We’ve heard about Illuminati theories, but a fake Beyoncé? The star had a stalker who truly believed that she killed the real Beyoncé and replaced her as the singer we know and love today. He sent the singer threatening letters in 2009.

7. Justin Timberlake’s stalker thought she was God and wanted to rule with him.


If you could rule the world with one celebrity who would you pick? One woman chose Justin. She showed up to his house in 2009 and claimed that she was God and they were to rule together. She also thought the “Babylon witches” were after her. She was later taken to a psychiatric facility.