Celebs Take Government Shutdown to Twitter

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The government may be down for the count but it’s been taking over Twitter for the last three days and who better to comment on it than our favorite politically-savvy celeb tweeters? Here’s some of the few that provided a chuckle during this dark time in our nation:

Snoop Dogg
@SnoopDogg: Tha #governmentshutdown N Im gonna smoke sumthin

Grace Helbig
@gracehelbig: JUST SAW A PIC OF SELENA GOMEZ PUMPING HER OWN GAS. #governmentshutdown

Michael Schur
@KenTremendous: Dude, bro, the Republican Party is KILLING it* right now! * = The Republican Party

Patton Oswalt
@pattonoswalt: Wait, how do we know when the government cones back? Does the EBS begin blasting “Backstreet’s Back”?

B.J. Novak
@bjnovak: I hope everyone’s 100% clear on the difference between a government shutdown and “The Purge”

Seth MacFarlane
@SethMacFarlane: One’s against health care for the poor… The other’s against mental health care for anybody: Cruz/Cruise in 2016

Paul Scheer
@paulscheer: .@RealCapnCrunch How’s the Govt Shutdown affecting you? Who will harvest Crunch Berries in this tough time.

Marc Ambinder
@pourmecoffee: Note to the countries we have and will invade: Focus on the brochure and not what’s happening with us now.

Ellen DeGeneres
@TheEllenShow: It’s day 2 of the government shutdown. The WiFi signal in my office has been patchy all morning. Coincidence? Probably.

Rainn Wilson
@rainnwilson: So there’s no speed limit now, right?

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