Charlie Puth overcome with emotion as Courteney Cox hands him special Friends mug


Charlie Puth had to dial back his emotions during a recent interview with Friends star Courteney Cox when she handed him her mug from the show.

Puth grew up a huge fan of the sitcom and he never missed an episode, so Billboard editors decided to see just how good his Friends knowledge is and called in an expert to quiz him during a 15-minute online segment.

Cox asked him to sing the lyrics to Smelly Cat, which Lisa Kudrow’s character Phoebe Buffay sang on the show, and name a favorite recipe she cooked for her TV husband Matthew Perry – a question he got wrong.

But she declared him a “winner” at the end of the quiz and as Puth stood up to perform the Friends theme tune, she handed him a very special prize, explaining it was her cup from the show, which had been “by my bed since show wrapped”.

As Charlie fought back tears, Cox added, “Well, you should cry because this is everything!”

She then asked, “Are you really crying?”, prompting the See You Again singer to respond, “Yeah, I don’t know why.”