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Charlie Sheen Accuses Denise Richards of Sabotaging Clothing-Line Launch

Charlie Sheen is convinced his estranged wife timed her latest legal attack on his character in a bitter attempt to sabotage his new children’s clothing line, Sheen Kidz.

The actor has gone public with his angry feelings about Denise Richards‘ latest bid for a restraining order, which she won on Friday–and he’s certain the former Bond girl had an agenda in mind.

He fumes, “It happened on a Friday and the kids clothing thing is launching on Saturday. Coincidence? We think not.

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“I’m launching Sheen Kidz and my kids aren’t here.”

The actor made light of his wife’s latest attacks on him when he launched Sheen Kidz in Los Angeles on Saturday, stating, “There are certain forces in the universe that tried to derail us today but we would not be stopped.”

But even Sheen admits he’s shocked by the claims his estranged wife made in an effort to discredit him as a good father–in legal papers she exposed the actor’s alleged painkiller addiction, gambling obsession and Internet porn passions.

Sheen adds, “It’s the most vile attack… It’s sad for my children… This is a horrible departure from sound, sane, responsible co-parenting.

“This is about punishment and clearly illustrates the type of harassment, the type of psychological terrorism, the type of mind control I’ve been subjected to and to have willfully chosen to keep private because that was the deal.”

Sheen and Richards entered into a confidentiality agreement not to talk about their divorce proceedings, but he insists he cannot keep quiet anymore.

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The actor, who appeared on every entertainment news show yesterday, adds, “I can’t stand back and just be a whipping post and hide behind a gag order advised by counsel… I’ve never claimed to be a saint but I’ve always dealt with the truth.”

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