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Charlie Sheen Insists He’s the Good Guy in Custody Battle

Latest: Actor Charlie Sheen is firing back at his estranged wife after she won a restraining order against him last week by insisting he was the perfect father and went out of his way to fix the couple’s broken family.

Responding to a 17-page document filed by Denise Richards last week, in which the actress depicts her husband as a controlling and “paranoid” man, prone to violent mood swings, Sheen has filed his own papers insisting he’s the victim of a smear campaign.

Claiming Richards‘ claims of abuse and neglect are preposterous, Sheen alleges he has been trying to keep the family together since the couple agreed to split for good at the beginning of the year.

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He writes, “In January, 2006, Petitioner (Richards) and I agreed to participate in counseling with Dr. Stan Katz. The purpose of this counseling was to address parenting issues and to establish a mutually acceptable custody schedule. After two sessions, Petitioner elected not to participate.”

Sheen also confesses he has “gone along” with his wife’s custody terms in regard to their two young daughters for the past four months, and Richards is now playing tough after he asked his lawyers to review the terms of the custody.

He adds, “After my counsel gave notice that I would be filing an order to show cause and requesting a custody evaluation, Petitioner abruptly refused to permit me to have any contact with the children.”

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