Chill Out! Taylor Swift Is Not The Clone Of A Former Satanic Leader


Fans of Kim Kardashian may be calling Taylor Swift a snake, but one thing’s for certain — as venomous as she might be, she is not a former leader of the church of Satan. 

There has long been a conspiracy theory that Taylor Swift is somehow related to, a clone of, or the reincarnation of Zeena LaVey. For those of you who don’t know, Zeena LaVey is an artist, musician and the daughter of the founder of the Church of Satan. Between 1985 and 1990 she was the high priestess of the Satanic Church. And for those of you who aren’t good at putting two and two together — LaVey looks exactly like Taylor Swift.

Seriously, the resemblance is totally uncanny.

This is Swift (you might know her from such little things as the 2009 MTV VMAs)

Taylor Swift
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This is LaVey. She did that whole bleach blonde, dark lipped look before Taylor ripped off her style decades later.

zeena lavey

LaVey has since left the Church of Satan and started following Sethianism, a religion linked to the ancient Egyptian god Seth. She actually believes everything her father taught her about Satan was a lie “due to the intervention of the god Seth.” Apparently, she’s pretty good at being a high priestess, because in 2002, she became the high priestess of the Temple of Set. 

And yet, LaVey changed her mind again and abandoned Sethianism. Apparently, she’s now a follower of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. No word on if she’s a high priestess of Buddhism (does Buddhism have high priestesses?).

Despite LaVey’s really strange past, the Internet cannot seem to let go of the idea that Swift is somehow the reincarnate of LaVey — which is impossible because LaVey is still very much alive. Some fans went as far to say Swift is a clone and that the whole thing has something to do with the Illuminati. People are literally looking for Illuminati and Satanic symbols in Swift’s music videos, when the truth is, a quick Google search will show you that you can find Illuminati symbols in pretty much anything if you’re looking.

To the left #TaylorSwift to the right #ZeenaLaVey. Let's not overlook the uncanny resemblance between the two. Some say it's her #clone. The illuminati is known for doing this. They clone successful and influential people that will continue to carry out their sinister agenda for mankind ( keanu Reeves, mark zuckerberg, many other celebs) look into it. The video #badblood itself has a lot of satanic symbols and messages. Here it shows "catastrophe" (swift ) kicked out the window by "arsyn" ( #SelenaGomez). Then it shows swift getting her body reconstructed making her superhuman or maybe immortal. Hebrew #gematria word value for "zeena Taylor bad blood" is "identical twins" with a number value at "1330" which "33" is obviously associated with the illuminati. "Catastrophe" has an English #gematria word value of " devil horns" and "keanu Reeves" Coincidence?? "Arsyn" has a word value for "hexagram" and "funeral" ( swift appeared dead in the video ). #musicindustry #Rapindustry #fucktheelite #fuckthegovernment #Fuckthesystem #killuminati #newworlddissorder #ForbiddenKnowledge #exposingthetruth #exposed #MURIKKKA #nasalies #Flatearth #populationcontrol #angenda21 #entertainmentindustry #hollyweird #hellywood #politics #obama #hillary  #berniesanders #DonaldTrump #presidentialelection

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Yeah, no. Don’t let the spooky music fool you.

You know, word is that seven whole people on the planet look just like you. Perhaps that age-old urban legend is actually true. Or perhaps you too are an Illuminati clone. 

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