Chris Hemsworth Playing Superhero With His Kids Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll See All Day –PHOTO


You probably know the delectable Chris Hemsworth as Thor. With the chiseled abs, stunning face and Australian accent, it’s pretty difficult to listen to or watch Hemsworth without melting into a puddle of goo. And yet, swinging Mjölnir isn’t the only thing that Hemsworth is good at.

It’s well-noted that he’s a pretty amazing dad to his three little ones. From daddy naps to late night snacks, Chris Hemsworth’s stunning wife Elsa Pataky has documented how kick ass Hemsworth is at this whole dad thing on her Instagram.

And yet, her latest snap of Hemsworth with their twins boys just might take the cake. In the pic, a shirtlHemsworthwoth wearing a superman cape is being chased by his sons who are wearing Spider-Man and Captain America capes. Superhero camp is literally the best!


Superhero camp!!/ Entrenando a mis superhéroes ! 👌💪😘

A photo posted by Elsa Pataky (@elsapatakyconfidential) on

We bet you didn’t even peep Mjölnir hanging out in the left-hand corner!


Ugh, Hemmy you slay us more and more every day.