Common: ‘Tiffany Haddish is a beautiful queen’


Common is raving about new girlfriend Tiffany Haddish, describing her as a “queen” and “a beautiful person”, who makes him happy.

The Girls Trip actress confirmed rumors she was romancing the rapper during an appearance on Steve-O’s podcast this week (ends August 7, 2020), telling the Jackass star the relationship is “hands down the best” she’ ever had, and adding she is “way happier” than she has been for a long time with the Oscar-winning rap star.

Now Common is sharing his own joy about the celebrity love match, telling Live with Kelly and Ryan, “She’s a wonderful woman, a queen, and just a beautiful person. Man, I just care for her a lot, enjoy her, and I’m grateful to have her in my life.”

Besides getting to know his new woman better during the coronavirus lockdown, the Oscar winner notes he has also been “learning some things” about himself and “making adjustments”.

“I came home and really honestly just took this time to be still and get more in tune with God and myself, and really getting closer with my family,” he says. “It’s something to see the human character that we have, like when you don’t have certain things, you’re able to make adjustments.”

And he’s finding positive aspects to the health crisis wherever he can.

“I feel like this is a really powerful time,” he adds. “Obviously it’s stressful and there’s a lot of suffering going on but it’s also a lot of growth and a lot of coming together and a lot of connecting as human beings.

“So I try to strive on that and keep prayers in for all the other things that are going on.”