Courtney Love Sued by Former Assistant

Courtney LoveWe probably didn’t need a lawsuit to imply that working for Courtney Love isn’t a great gig, but one former assistant is suing for essentially the overall awfulness of her onetime employer.

According to E! Online, the plaintiff, Jessica Labrie, Love “acted with an improper and evil motive amounting to malice or despicable conduct.”

And that’s just the beginning. Among other allegations, Labrie — who worked for a year as Love’s administrative assistant and “forensic research aide” — says that her former boss frequently forced her to work overtime with paying overtime; asked her to hire a computer hacker (among other gray-area activities mentioned in the suit); and failed to make good on several promises, including paying for Labrie’s college tuition and securing her a job on a Nirvana biopic.

Labrie resigned on June 27, 2011, at which time, she claims, Love owed her more than $2,000. She is seeking unspecified damages for, well, everything that was just mentioned.

“The most controversial woman in the history of rock” (per Rolling Stone magazine) had a pretty solid lawsuit-less streak going: She hadn’t been sued since a January 2011 Twitter fiasco, which recently sucked in her 19-year-old daughter with the late Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean.

[Photo Credit: DailyCeleb]


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