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Cowell’s neighbours annoyed with construction

The American Idol judge has repeatedly annoyed nearby Beverly Hills residents, who have called police to report traffic violations and loud noise coming from Cowell’s six-bedroom mansion at night, and they’re fed up with constant renovation work, which has continued since he moved into the sprawling property in 2004.

Neighbour Judy Wolf tells Britain’s Mail on Sunday, “Construction’s been going on for five years and I’ve been near the end of my rope on many occasions. And we’ve been told the construction is not over yet.

“Apparently Simon didn’t like the way two or three of the rooms have turned out, so he’s completely redoing them. It’s the building project that never ends.”

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Another anonymous resident has accused Cowell of blocking up residential streets by refusing to allow builders to park on his driveway.

The neighbour adds, “I have spoken to several builders and workers at the house, and they say they have to park in the street because Cowell doesn’t want them on his drive. It is not neighbourly at all. You could say he’s become the neighbour from hell.”

A spokesperson for Cowell is refusing to take the complaints seriously, joking, “Next time, Simon will be sure to invite the neighbours round to the party, too.”

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