Daily Shuffle: Miley Cyrus’ Mom Had An Affair With Bret Michaels

brett_miley_hw.jpgThe reason for the divorce of Miley Cyrus’ parents (Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus) might be the affair Tish possibly had with Bret Michaels. He’s still regarded as the Poison frontman, you know. – NYDN

Kiefer Sutherland and Chris Noth are heading to Broadway to star in a revival of Jason Miller’s play, “That Champion Season.” Don’t they seem like they’d spit into the audience SO MUCH? – Yahoo

Vince Neil and Bethenny Frankel are the only recognizable people who will be on ABC’s new celebrity skating show. What a waste of a new show based on one person’s struggle to physically rehab themselves after starring on a reality show. – Deadline

MTV apologized to GLAAD for a series of comments made by the Jersey Shore cast that referred to one of The Situation’s conquests as a trangendered individual during the reunion special. Now if only the network would apologize for ruining our lives. – The Wrap

Mariah Carey will not tell us what sex she wants her baby to be because she doesn’t want to pressure it. I could have sworn she would have been a Gwyneth Paltrow-sized heliparent! – Huffpo

Jay-Z is hinting that he might run for president one day. – Digital Spy

Aaron Sorkin, the most realistic dialog man ever and king of all treacherous conflicts between friends, is writing a Harry Houdini musical for Hugh Jackman. Jackpot. – NYMag

George W. Bush blames Kanye West for causing him the worst moment in his presidency during the celebrity benefit for Hurricane Katrina, when Kanye said Bush doesn’t care about black people. Mike Myers is the only one not milking this. – Hollywood Reporter

Glamour Magazine named Fergie one of their women of the year. That is, of course, probably under the assumption she and the rest of the Black Eyed Peas didn’t steal “I Gotta Feelin’.” – MTV, NYMag