Dane Cook On Broadway?

Dane CookFile this one under: “Huh?” What do you do when the whole movie thing and stand-up deals aren’t quite cutting it? Why, debut on Broadway of course. That’s what the king of obnoxiousness and knee-to-the-groin comedy, Dane Cook, is doing this spring in Neil LaBute’s Fat Pig. Yes, I’m being completely serious; Dane Cook is going the way of the Broadway baby. In a show called Fat Pig.

While I’m not surprised that Cook is adding his “talents” to a play with such a crass name, the story is actually sweet. It follows a man who falls in love with a very overweight woman but who learns to overcome his prejudices and appreciate the woman for who she is. Cook will play the main character’s friend, who represents all the terrible thoughts that must be banished in order for him in order to be happy. Carter is grating, rude, and just plain awful – he’s the reason for the play’s potentially offensive title – which sounds just perfect for Cook. He gets to play a complete ass and he gets to speak really loudly while he does it (come on Broadway babes, you know you have to project when speaking on the stage).

Cook will star opposite Josh Hamilton, who’s no stranger to Broadway, so maybe he can teach the comedian a thing or two. While being annoying is second nature to him, he’ll probably need to learn that making crash sound effects and putting lyrics to the tune of a car alarm aren’t going to cut it on the stage. Let’s hope his lines aren’t too difficult.

Source: NY Magazine