David and Victoria Beckham Want More Children

Already parents to three boys (Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8 1/2, and Cruz, 6 1/2), David and Victoria Beckham were understandably “over the moon” when their first daughter, Harper Seven, was born on July 10th in Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Hospital. And now that Victoria has finally had her first chance to dress her baby girl up in only the most luxurious and elegant attire, it seems like she’s having so much fun that she’s realized she doesn’t want to be able to dress just one of her children nicely. So just two weeks after giving birth, the Beckhams have already decided they’d like to have one more child.

In a video from the Associate Press, David Beckham revealed that he and Victoria have always wanted a big family, and that five children was always a number they had in the back of their minds. And because his sons reacted so positively to the family’s newest addition (he said “all the boys won’t leave [Harper Seven] alone, which is amazing,”), he’s pretty sure they’re going to try and have another baby. Hopefully he/she will have Victoria’s nose, too.

Source: People