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Dax Shepard breaks ribs, hand, in motorcycle accident

Actor Dax Shepard is nursing multiple broken bones after crashing his motorcycle on California’s Sonoma Raceway.

The motor-mad star and Top Gear co-host was getting his adrenaline fix in during a recent day out at the racetrack, but he was left with more than a bruised ego after mistiming a maneuver, which resulted in a collision with a car.

“I was passing six guys on Sonoma Raceway on a motorcycle and I was braking very, very hard, hard enough that the back wheel was off the ground for a good 100 yards…,” he shared on the latest episode of his Armchair Expert podcast.

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“I was totally at blame, I thought I would be able to slide in between, but someone turned in and I was already under full brake and I couldn’t go anywhere.

“I clipped their bumper and then I went over the handlebars, and landed pretty hard. First time I’ve ever been down on the track; it was a little demoralizing, it was a bummer.”

Shepard iced his shoulder and hand immediately after the incident, but he put off seeking medical attention until he could no longer stand the pain and ended up spending “seven hours” in a hospital emergency room.

“The final tally was four broken ribs, clavicle’s broken in three places, and I need surgery,” he revealed.

“And then I broke my hand that I’d broke a couple months ago. But good news, I had broke three of those (fingers)…, and those held up…! (But) my pinkie… broke (sic).”

Shepard, 45, had previously crushed his left hand in an off-roading adventure in the spring (2020), early on in the coronavirus lockdown.

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Despite his latest injuries, the Without a Paddle star, who is married to Frozen actress Kristen Bell, has no plans to completely give up his pastime: “I don’t think I’m gonna quit, but I think I might be willing to quit for the remainder of 2020,” he said.

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