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Dax Shepard performs surgery on himself amid coronavirus lockdown

Dax Shepard resorted to removing a surgical pin from his hand as medical facilities struggle to meet demand amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 45-year-old actor has a broken hand, and while he’s yet to reveal how the injury occurred, he was more than willing to show fans how to repair it.

In a video posted on wife Kristen Bell’s social media, Dax is seen removing the pin while on the phone with his doctor, who’s advising him on how to complete the removal safely.

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“Oh yep, that feels weird,” he says while pulling the piece of metal out of his cast. “There’s no blood spurting anywhere… I’m coming for your job, doctor. I’m going to add pin removal to my resume.”

Frozen 2 star Kristen captioned the clip: “We’re on day “I can do my own surgery” of quarantine. (sic)”

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