Demi Lovato urges fans to send cards to lawmakers to honor police victim Breonna Taylor


Demi Lovato is encouraging fans to send cards to Kentucky lawmakers demanding change to mark the birthday of Breonna Taylor, an African-American woman killed by police.

Taylor, who was shot to death during a police raid on her apartment in March (2020), would have turned 27 on Friday (June 5, 2020), and Lovato has called on Instagram fans and followers to honor her life by calling attention to her senseless killing.

“It’s Breonna Taylor’s birthday this Friday…,” Lovato wrote. “She was an EMT (emergency medical technician) on the frontlines during corona. Around midnight on March 13th police broke down her door and shot her 8 times, no evidence of a crime was uncovered. The sole crime was the murder of Breonna Taylor. Her crime being asleep in her own home.”

The singer then urged followers to honor Taylor’s memory on what would have been a celebratory occasion by sending cards to the Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, in an effort to inspire change – a suggestion initially made by writer Cate Young.

“The most underserved demographic in America is black women; we cannot allow them to forget Breonna,” Lovato wrote.

The three officers in the case have been placed on administrative reassignment, while charges of the attempted murder of a police officer filed against Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, were dropped last month (May 2020). The FBI is currently investigating the tragic incident.

Lovato’s plea comes as Black Lives Matter protests against racial injustice and police brutality continue throughout the U.S. following the death of George Floyd last week (May 25, 2020). Floyd died from asphyxiation during a police arrest as a Minnesota cop, who is now facing murder and manslaughter charges, kneeled on his neck for almost nine minutes.