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Denise Richards: ‘Charlie Sheen Begged Me to Keep His Honeymoon Drug Use Quiet’

Actor Charlie Sheen allegedly swore his new wife Denise Richards to secrecy about his painkiller problems when she found him guzzling Xanax on their honeymoon.

The now estranged couple are currently in the middle of a bitter divorce battle and Richards is revealing her husband’s dark secrets in new legal papers, filed last week.

In the documents, Richards writes, “When we went on our honeymoon, the Respondent took Xanax. Respondent told me not to tell anybody that he was taking Xanax because he told me that in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), it would be considered breaking his sobriety for him to be taking this drug.”

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Richards also reveals her estranged husband struggled with his gambling obsession throughout their three-year marriage, often becoming depressed when bets failed to net him winners.

She adds, “I began to notice that he began gambling every day and that his gambling was also accompanied by ‘mood swings.’

“The Respondent’s bookies (bookmakers) knew where we lived and dropped off money to the Respondent at our house… He was happy when he ‘won’ a bet; however, when he ‘lost,’ his behavior was very volatile and his mood swings were up and down.

“The smallest thing would set him off, causing him to scream obscenities at me. I asked him to get help for his gambling but he would not.”

Richards was granted a restraining order against Sheen by a Los Angeles judge on Friday after insisting she feared for her life after coming forward with the revelations from her marriage.

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