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Denise Richards: ‘Charlie Sheen Wanted Me to Have an Abortion’

Actor Charlie Sheen turned into the husband from hell when former Bond Girl Denise Richards announced she was pregnant with the couple’s first child, according to the actress’ latest legal attack.

In legal documents, presented to officials in Los Angeles last week, the actress claims Sheen asked her to “get an abortion” when he discovered she was pregnant in 2003, and became “furious” when he learned the child was a girl.

Richards writes, “He said he did not want to be a father. After fighting about it for a week, I threatened to leave the marriage. The Respondent (Sheen) then said he would accept the pregnancy. The Respondent was not excited about the baby. He told me that he was not attracted to me.

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“The Respondent did come with me to the ultrasound appointment where we were going to find out the sex of the baby. The doctor wrote down the sex of the baby in an envelope and we took it home… The Respondent was furious that the baby was a girl.”

In the court papers, Richards reveals that Sheen was “wonderful” when his daughter, Sam, was born in March 2004, but he became irrational when he discovered his wife had stopped breast-feeding.

She adds, “He was very angry that I stopped breast-feeding the baby and switched to formula because he said that he ‘heard’ that by my stopping breast-feeding, and giving our daughter formula, that the formula would cause our daughter to develop brain damage or would cause her to become mentally retarded.”

Richards eventually left “paranoid” Sheen, she claims, with her daughter, after he allegedly threatened her life after she took their daughter to get her infant immunity injections. He feared the actress was “poisoning” their child.

She continues, “Respondent told me that I was a bad mother. The day that I took Sam for her shots, the Respondent called me… and threatened to kill me.”

Richards made her outrageous claims in a bid to obtain a temporary restraining order against Sheen, insisting the actor has threatened the safety of their children, her parents and herself during irrational mood swings.

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Sheen denies the allegations, insisting his estranged wife’s latest legal attack is “a radical and transparent smear campaign,” to “hurt and embarrass.”

Sheen Hits Back at Richards on TV

Charlie Sheen is going public with his distress after estranged wife Denise Richards won a temporary restraining order against him last week.

The actor has taped an interview with news show Entertainment Tonight in a bid to clear his name, which was tarnished in new legal papers filed by Richards last week.

In the documents, the Wild Things actress claims Sheen gambled daily during their three-year marriage, popped painkillers and surfed the Internet for questionable porn sites. The actress alleges that when she confronted her husband about his problems, he hurled abuse at her and threatened her life if

she went ahead with plans to expose the extent of his obsessions.

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But now Sheen is hitting back in a new TV interview. In the exclusive chat, which will air later today, he states, “I’m deeply saddened because this is clearly demonstrating a wanting and willful attempt at what I describe as a radical and transparent smear campaign and, clearly, a departure from sound, sane, responsible co-parenting.

“It is a reaction to a failed marriage, a reaction to some twisted desire, real or imagined, to hurt, to punish, to discredit, to completely torpedo, to undermine my perception as a responsible father… a guy who would give his life for his children.

“(Richards is) the only one entirely culpable for putting these radical allegations out for public consumption… my children included. And I find that as unacceptable as anything I’ve ever encountered.”

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