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Denise Richards’ Home Life Goes to the Dogs

Actress Denise Richards has called in Hollywood’s top “dog whisperer” to control her mischievous mutts.

The Wild Things star’s three energetic dogs–Boston terrier Lucy, French bulldog Hank and overly aggressive pug Betty–have been wreaking havoc on her life, and driving her crazy.

Richards agreed to meet with Cesar Millan, star of the National Geographic Channel’s show Dog Whisperer, as a last resort.

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Millan recalls, “It was chaos.”

The dog expert, who also works with Oprah Winfrey and Hilary Duff‘s pets, blames a lack of discipline and exercise for the dogs’ unruly behavior.

Millan also believes the actress’ split from husband Charlie Sheen and single parenthood to two babies, Sam, 23 months, and Lola, 9 months, could have traumatized the dogs.

He explains, “Dogs are like kids. If parents are tense, they will sense it.”

After an afternoon training session, Millan was able to restore order to the frazzled home.

He adds, “Once Denise started being the pack leader and not just the dog lover, it transformed the household.”

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