Did Ali Lohan Have Plastic Surgery?

It was not so long ago that Ali Lohan, Lindsay Lohan‘s sister, had signed a contract with NEXT Model Management and was excited to embark on her career as a model. Most of us figured it would be a few years before we’d be flipping through Vogue or Vanity Fair and spot her pulling the collar of a floor length fur coat up over her ears and making a sad face because it’s cold at the train station and there’s no one around to help her load her designer luggage aboard. But it turns out the day of Ali Lohan appearing in full page spreads is closer than we thought because yesterday, photos surfaced that seemed to indicate Ali had had a significant amount of plastic surgery done, and the only way to explain it is to assume it was intended to increase the likelihood of her succeeding in what is possibly the most competitive industry in the world. The photo on the left was taken in 2009 when she was 15 and the photo on the right was taken in Beverly Hills earlier this week.


Admittedly, I am not a plastic surgeon so I cannot examine each and every way Ali’s facial appearance has changed and tell you what kind of procedures she may have had. However I most certainly can point out the obvious differences between the two images, and they are: enhanced cheekbones, a fuller bottom lip, fuller eyebrows, a thinner nose, a pointier chin, and a paler skin tone. I refuse to believe any one of them occurred naturally, and I bet before you know it we’ll see Dina Lohan talking to Matt Lauer about how Ali is just recovering from a bad case of mono and arguing we shouldn’t be picking on the way a 17 year old girl looks while she’s recuperating from an illness. But nonetheless, the transformation is shocking and almost makes us consider the possibility that Bristol Palin really did need to have her face slimmed down because her jaw needed correcting. Almost, you know?

Source: The Fab Life