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Dina Lohan blasts Michael after tape leak

The Mean Girls star was furious with her dad after he released tapes of several tearful phone conversations between her and her mother earlier this month (04Nov09).

Now the 23 year old’s mum has waded into the feud after Michael’s latest leak, a 2008 phone call in which Dina claims the actress was “f**ked up” by Heath Ledger’s fatal drug overdose.

And the Lohan matriarch insists her ex shouldn’t have been contacting her at the time – because a judge had ordered him to keep away.

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She says, “I have had a criminal order of protection from the domestic violence sector since 2005 (valid through 2011). He was not supposed to even be harassing me by phone…

“The tapes were from a long time ago, and for a father to stoop this low is unforgivable. My ex-husband has been in and out of jail for 10 years. My children and I gave him a chance to get to know them again, and he clearly blew that chance!”

And Dina claims she’s prepared to take legal action against Michael in a bid to keep him from releasing more tapes, adding, “My heart is breaking for my children that he could do this. He has no visitation anymore and is six months behind in child support. The authorities have been alerted!”

Michael Lohan claims he’s leaking the calls with Dina, Lindsay and her former assistant Jenni Munro in a bid to convince his daughter to seek help for an alleged drug addiction.

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