Diversify your feed: 10 Black Influencers To Follow For Self-Love and Acceptance

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Hey, Hollywooders!

You know we’re all about celebrating body-ody-ody positivity in Hollywood, and that’s why we’re here to give you a list of Black influencers to follow for a boost of self-love and acceptance.

We have Black women to thank for the body positivity movement, which is why it’s so important to diversify your feed to follow and amplify the voices of POC.

Without further ado, take a look at some of our favorite Black influencers and creatives that empower you to feel good about––and more accepting of––your body. We also share a handful of body positivity quotes worth writing down as a reminder of just how amazing you are.

Black influencers to follow: Candace Molatore 

Candace Molatore (@hey.candace on Instagram) is a self-love and body-positive advocate based in Portland who, according to her website, believes that “developing confidence is equal to building a skill,” which drives her to create content that inspires your own personal confidence journey.

I’m utterly obsessed with Candace’s minimal and attainable outfit shots, often accompanied with inspiring and authentic captions that make you stop scrolling for a bit and think:

Her apartment is also oh so dreamy and proves that loving yourself is also about cultivating a safe physical space that feels like home to you. 

Honestly, every photo and video she shares of her home is a VIBE, including this cute little *timeline cleanse* worth watching whenever you need a moment of peace:

Thank you Candace for making us all feel so calm and at peace!

Follow Candace on Instagram: @hey.candace.

Black influencers to follow: Jaimmy Koroma

Jaimmy Koroma (@jaimmykoroma on Instagram) is all about body positive fitness and lifestyle content.

One of my favorite parts about following her is how she recreates Pinterest looks on her body. If you use Pinterest, you probably know that a lot of fashion inspo boards are filled with skinny women. Lucky for us, Jaimmy makes us all feel like we can pull off those lewks by recreating popular pins like this one:

You can always count on Jaimmy to share gorgeous pics with positive affirmations worth saving whenever you’re feeling not so hot.

Thank you Jaimmy for helping me feel like I can pull off those Pinterest looks I keep saving for a rainy day!

Follow Jaimmy on Instagram: @jaimmykoroma

Black influencers to follow: Janea Brown

“Hey friends, hey fam, what’s POPPIN’?! I hope you guys are doing so super well today, staying hydrated, living your best life, and checking in with your friends, your family, your heart, and your mind above all things!”

This is how Janea – known as @jnaydaily on Instagram and YouTube – starts off all of her home and lifestyle videos. At this point, I can say the intro along with her, lol.

Janea Brown is just such a refreshing person to follow. She seems like someone that I would be friends with irl, and she’s not afraid to get really honest with her followers about mental health struggles:

I also love her favorites videos. She always prefaces it by saying to “protect your coin first,” going on to say, “Nothing I’m sharing is a need to have. Each item is a nice to have and can absolutely be put on a wishlist, if your shopping budget needs a minute. You know what’s best!” It’s refreshing to have an influencer who shares product recommendations without pushing them too heavily. It feels like one of my friends just raving about something she recently bought instead of forced product placement!

Recently, Janea has been sharing very gentle encouragements to move your body on her Instagram stories, while also saying it’s okay if that’s not a part of your journey right now.

I also love the way she writes her Instagram captions. They just give me life and so much work-from-home loungewear inspo (literally I have purchased certain things because of her):

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A post shared by Janea Brown ✨ (@jnaydaily)

Thank you Janea for encouraging us all to live our very best life and recognizing all of the ups and downs along the way!

Follow Janea on Instagram: @jnaydaily 

Subscribe to Janea’s YouTube channel here

Black influencers to follow: Kendra Austin

Kendra Austin is a collective healer, model, and writer living in NYC.

Each week, she pulls from her tarot card deck and shares a weekly message with all of her Instagram followers.

She empowers so many people to take up space, find ways to support and amplify the work of marginalized people, and so much more. You might recognize her from Glossier ads as part of their Body Hero campaign:

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A post shared by kendra austin 🍒 (@kendramorous)

She also shares inspiring messages like this one:

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A post shared by kendra austin 🍒 (@kendramorous)

Thank you Kendra for sharing helpful resources and using your own healing journey to inspire others!

Follow Kendra on Instagram: @kendramorous

Black influencers to follow: Thamarr

Thamarr, also known as @musingsofacurvylady, is your girl if you could use some plus-size fashion inspo in your life.

I mean, just look at her:

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A post shared by Thamarr (@musingsofacurvylady)

Every post she shares is just oh-so-dreamy and packed with helpful fashion advice:

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A post shared by Thamarr (@musingsofacurvylady)

Follow Thamarr on Instagram: @musingsofacurvylady

Thank you Thamarr for serving us boho-chic vibes and athleisure lewks that make us want to move our bodies!

Black influencers to follow: Cece Olisa

Cece Olisa (@ceceolisa on Instagram) is a fashion blogger and co-founder of theCURVYcon, an event that celebrates body positivity and plus-sized fashion during New York Fashion Week.

In 2008, she started her blog to share what life is like for a curvy girl in NYC. Since then, she’s worked with tons of big brands and has been an inspiration for so many.

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A post shared by CeCe Olisa (@ceceolisa)

Now this is what we call growth:

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A post shared by CeCe Olisa (@ceceolisa)

Follow Cece Olisa on Instagram: @ceceolisa

Thank you Cece for celebrating all bodies and inspiring us with your fits!

Black influencers to follow: Lacy Redway

Lacy Redway (@lacyredway on Instagram) is an amazing celeb hairstylist who encourages everyone to embrace their natural beauty and their natural hair.

She’s worked with Andra Day, Tracee Ellis Ross, Alicia Keys, Zoe Saldana, Hunter Schafer, Yara Shahidi, Tessa Thompson, and many other iconic Hollywood women. 

Just look at how talented she is:

She really is “phenomonally Black” and we love her whole feed:

Follow Lacy Redway on Instagram: @lacyredway

Thank you Lacy for showing us the many ways to style natural hair and making all of our favorite celebs look sooo good!

Black influencers to follow: ShaKera

ShaKera (known as @therealsamplesize on Instagram) is a Houston-based blogger sharing plus-size fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content.

On her website, she says how she started her blog “to encourage all women to step outside of their comfort box. I’m a full-figured woman that pushes the boundaries of the size chart while embracing every curve of my beautiful self.”

We’re here for this, and she is seriously fashion GOALS:

Follow ShaKera on Instagram: @therealsamplesize

Thank you Shakera for reminding us to step outside our comfort zones regardless of the number on the tag!

Black influencers to follow: Becca Ashmon

Becca Ashmon says she’s “Here to gas you up 🙌🏾✨” and we’re here for it!

Becca is a make-up artist and an elderly caretaker and shares tons of mental health tips alongside her gorgeous outfit pics.

I mean, this look––I’m obsessed:

Just loove this “Athleisure Ariel” look, saying “What if princesses were plus size or disabled or GASP just like us ! What if everyone could see themselves as a Princess !?!”

Follow Becca Ashmon on Instagram: @beccaashmon

Thank you Becca for gassing us up on the reg, we all need someone like you in our lives!

Black influencers to follow: Essie Golden

Essie Golden (@essiegolden on Instagram) is a self-described fat icon and stylish New York City blogger.

In 2012, she founded #GoldenConfidence, a movement that “inspires women and men of all shapes and sizes to shine bright, wear what they want, defy societal ‘rules’, and fully be themselves.”

She *oozes* confidence, posting fits like this:

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A post shared by Essie Golden 📍NYC (@essiegolden)

And this:

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A post shared by Essie Golden 📍NYC (@essiegolden)

It’s the versatility for me.

Follow Essie Golden on Instagram: @essiegolden 

Thank you Essie for creating a movement that inspires so many!

Body positivity quotes from Black influencers we love

We’ll leave you with some inspiring words about body positivity and self-acceptance, straight from the mouths (or captions lol) of the influencers we shared with you today:

“Nobody is going to gas you up like yourself so don’t humble yourself sis; and don’t let others humble you.⁠” – Candace Molatore (@hey.candace)

“Maybe she’s born with it… maybe it doesn’t matter.” – Jaimmy Koroma (@jaimmykoroma)

“Just incase no one TOLD you today, your BOOTY is fat & your heart is BIG. With that you can PRETTY much CONQUER anything, friend 🤷🏾‍♀️.” – Janea Brown (@jnaydaily)

“we need to let people be valuable and valid without our perceptions of them at all. in 2021, i want us to view each other in wholeness and complexity – as human. and i want us to include ourselves in that grace. “ – Kendra Austin (@kendramorous)

“Life is more than a color-coordinated and edited group of squares. “ – Thamarr (@musingsofacurvylady)

“Don’t wait on your weight” – Cece Olisa in her Instagram bio (@ceceolisa)

“Monitor how much idolization you are doing on the internet. Your path is designed for you. The obstacles you may face in your lifetime is only meant to build you up. Give yourself and others permission to evolve.” – Lacy Redway (@lacyredway)

“We take care of our bodies with such dillegence because it’s what we see but how is it helpful to only wash your car and never look under the hood ?…So check under the hood,check in with yourself and ask for help when you need it !” – Becca Ashmon (@beccaashmon)

“A reminder to my plus size folks: People not finding you attractive because of your size, doesn’t stop you from being attractive🎊” – Essie Golden (@essiegolden)

Now go compliment yourself then diversify your feed!

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