Ed Sheeran and Maisie Williams Had a Twitter Convo And It’s Kind of Epic

Maisie Williams and Ed SheeranHBO/WENN

It’s an exciting time for the two Brits: she just finished up another electric season on Game of Thrones (perhpas her best yet!), and he has an album coming out on Tuesday.

Sheeran reached out first with a congratulatory tweet after GoT’s finale on Sunday:

Williams was quick to concur:

Sheeran couldn’t help but comment on Arya’s harsh treatment of The Hound:

Williams was quick to defend her character’s actions with the help of skull emojis:

Then, Sheeran replied with a rather graphic description of what happens when you don’t play the Game of Thrones right:

Williams answered his Theon Greyjoy jab with a sad concurrence, using British slang I had to look up on Urban Dictionary: