Ed Sheeran paid himself $20 million in 2018


Ed Sheeran took home a staggering $20.9 million last year (2018).

The star’s company, Ed Sheeran Limited, made a total of $39.7 million – with a profit of $23.6 million.

The Shape of You singer’s income increased $4.5 million on the previous year, giving the star an estimated daily income of $57,478.

However, Ed’s earnings don’t stop there, as the business only handles the I Don’t Care singer’s income from his songwriting and records, and excludes the cash he’ll rake in from his gigs.

The star’s two-year-long, record-breaking Divide World Tour has already generated $742.3 million, meaning his total earnings will likely be significantly higher.

An insider told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “This bumper profit still shows that people are lapping up his music and, crucially, still buying what he records in huge numbers.

“Most of the profits from the Divide album, which he released in 2017, will be included in the newly released figures.”