Watch Ed Sheeran Hilariously Reenact ‘The Notebook’ with Lance Bass

During a visit to Miami’s radio station Y100, music artists Ed Sheeran and Lance Bass took on one hefty endeavor: reenacting a heart-wrenching scene from the modern classic The Notebook. Although the very idea of the “A Team” singer and the former ‘N Sync member teaming up for this skit is absurd, it’s downright hilarious to watch. Sheeran puts in earnest effort trying get on Ryan Gosling’s level. But let’s be real here — no mortal, even if he is a Grammy-winning artist, can usurp the godlike Gosling’s mesmerizing role. 

I know the romantic film makes you relentlessly bawl your eyes out every time you watch, but I can guarantee not a single tear will be shed while watching Sheeran and Bass’ The Notebook audition spoof. With a horrid Southern accent and smile he can’t hide, Sheeran is absolutely adorable in this comical segment. He may have the voice of an angel and the best fiery ginger hair we’ve ever laid eyes upon, but acting is definitely not in Sheeran’s skillset. No wonder he had Rupert Grunt star in his music video for Lego House

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