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Ellen Barkin Victim of Home Invasion

Actress Ellen Barkin was reportedly a victim of a home invasion earlier this week (begs03Nov17).

The Ocean’s Thirteen star was awakened early on Wednesday (01Nov17) when she heard a noise and upon inspection she was confronted by an intruder at her balcony door. According to the New York Daily News, when Barkin attempted to shut the door so the intruder couldn’t enter into her New York townhouse, he escaped down the fire escape.

The suspect did not take anything from Barkin’s townhouse and has yet to be apprehended.

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After the incident, Barkin took to social media, revealing she had waited hours for police detectives to arrive to investigate the crime.

“the first responders were great, here in 70secs (seconds)! still waiting for the detectives… it’s only been 4 hours,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Did I just hear this right? No detectives here, at all?”

The terror attack in lower Manhattan on Tuesday (31Oct17) was also still weighing on the actress’ heart, and she added, “My heart breaks for another day that will live in infamy but crime is still going on… in my house.”

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