See the Emblem 3 NSFW Naked Pic That Tops Bieber’s Racy Photo

Who ever though we would be thankful for yet another Justin Bieber outburst? But strangely enough, we are oh so grateful to the Biebs and his wild antics. 

After naked snaps of Bieber holding a guitar over his junk surfaced online recently, Emblem3 believed it was their moral duty to not only mock Jbiebs, but also top his pic. Oh yes!

On Wednesday, band members Keaton Stromberg, Wesley Stromberg, and Drew Chadwick posted a twitpic of them wearing nothing at all…but they did hold musical instruments over their privates! The X Factor alums captioned the picture, “Hey @JustinBieber, we’re ready for the jam sesh!” We knew Bieber was an inspiration to tween girls everywhere, but who knew he could impact the lives of adolescent men as well? 

Okay, we can’t help but compare Bieber’s racy photos to Emblem3’s… and Emblem3’s photo definitely wins the prize! The three cali-surfer musicians someow managed to keep straight faces while posing for this outrageous pic, and also, just look at their abtastic bods! Wow! Sorry Biebs, but Emblem3’s photo exudes three times the hunk-factor.

So, Emblem3 boys… I’m single. Feel free to give me a call anytime!

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