Emilia Clarke: ‘Laughing with someone is the sexiest thing in the world’


Emilia Clarke‘s number one priority in looking for a man is finding someone who can make her laugh.

The 33-year-old actress has been doing the rounds promoting her festive romance movie Last Christmas, and she’s been faced with one common question about her own relationship pursuits.

During a chat with U.S. TV show Extra, Emilia was asked what she looks for in a potential partner, to which she replied: “The prerequisites… sense of humor, 100 percent. Like, if you make me giggle… then I’m in, pretty much, and someone who’s considerate and nice. When someone takes you out on a date and they have thought about an interesting thing to do, think out of the box.

“If you can laugh with someone, it’s just the sexiest thing in the world.”

In Last Christmas, Emilia stars as Kate, who finds love with Henry Golding‘s Tom after surviving a near-fatal illness. Battling health issues is something the former Game of Thrones star is well versed in – having survived two brain aneurysms – and that made her more able to empathize with her on-screen alter ego.

“It wasn’t the reason why I wanted to take the role, but it definitely added to the kind of truth that I could bring to it because she had her health crisis at the same… pretty much the same age that I did, which is such a kind of… that time in your life is really confusing… and it made me empathize with her a lot more,” Emilia explained.