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Emily VanCamp couldn’t sleep after Josh Bowman’s proposal


Emily Vancamp didn’t sleep for three nights after getting engaged to Josh Bowman just hours before her new TV show was picked up.

The 31-year-old actress announced her engagement to her former Revenge co-star by sharing a picture of her sparkling ring on Instagram last Thursday (11May17).


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And on Monday night, Emily gushed about what a romantic setting Josh chose to pop the question, telling Entertainment Tonight: “He did good! It was in a forest. We were in nature on a hike kind of doing what we do, it was very, sort of, us. So yeah, it was great, beautiful.”

The proposal wasn’t the only part of what turned out to be an exciting week for Emily, as she also found out the pilot for her new TV show The Resident had been picked up for a series by Fox.

The two pieces of news combined meant that Emily has had a few sleepless nights.

“It’s been a crazy week,” Emily smiled. “I found out about the show two hours after we got engaged so it was, like – I don’t think I slept for three nights. It’s been good, it’s been really positive.”

Despite having a ring on her finger, Emily isn’t rushing into planning her nuptials. In fact, she insists she’s not like other young girls who plotted every detail of their wedding, and has never thought about what she wants her big day to be like.

“Not in the slightest, never really did,” she said of her lack of planning. “I never was the girl who knew what she wanted to do for a wedding, but just enjoying this moment, it’s sort of – it’s really nice, you know?”

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Emily and Josh started dating in 2011 shortly after she split from The Vampire Diaries star Joseph Morgan.

The couple are certainly no strangers to the concept of getting married, with their Revenge characters Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson tying the knot in the TV series. However, they are sure to be hoping their marriage is more successful than their alter egos, who divorced after Emily’s ulterior motive in getting revenge for her father’s death was revealed.

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