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Eric Bana left terrified after kangaroo tried to fight him

Eric Bana was left terrified after a kangaroo tried to “pick a fight” with him on a recent camping trip in Australia.

The Melbourne-born actor made an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Tuesday night (06Mar18), where he shared that he had just flown from his homeland to Los Angeles to be on the talk show.

Recalling his latest trip to Australia, Eric explained that he had ventured to the Outback on his motorbike for a couple of days but had a particularly scary experience at one point.

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“I was on a motorbike trip on my own and I was camping out in the bush. I’d just set up my tent and got everything organized,” he recalled. “And a big grey, a big male grey came and basically tried to kick me out of my camping site. It picked a fight with me. He was taller than me, he nudged my tent, wanted me to move.”

It’s likely the animal Eric encountered was an eastern grey kangaroo, a marsupial found in southern and eastern Australia that typically weighs around 66 kilograms (145 pounds) and stands at two meters tall.

While the Hulk star wasn’t too worried by the kangaroo at first, he started to become anxious when it became more and more aggressive.

“I did everything wrong, by the way. I did everything that you’re not supposed to do. Which was walk towards him – he then took a couple of steps towards me,” the 49-year-old shared. “Then I decided that I’d try and scare him off by starting my motorbike, thinking, ‘He’s going to run now.’ I started it up, his response was (a blank stare). Then he got on his hind legs and basically squared up and started (beating his chest) which means he either wants to fight you… or something else.”

Eric added that he now finds the experience to be funny but was truly concerned as “when you are by yourself and you’re out of phone range and you can’t Google what to do with a grey male kangaroo, it’s really terrifying.”

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