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Eve confirms Sex stars are close

The foursome, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, have long been dogged by allegations of in-fighting on the set of both the TV series and the two big screen outings – claims all the actresses have denied.

And Eve, who plays an Irish nanny in the upcoming second movie, has confirmed the stars are on friendly terms – and couldn’t believe how welcoming they were to her.

She tells Britain’s Daily Record, “They all sat in the same room between takes, discussing their trainers, their families and what they wanted for lunch – pasta or salad.

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“They hung out with me and I wasn’t expecting them to. Nothing can quite prepare you for meeting those four women and working with them.

“Someone said, ‘Is it like the Godfather for women?’ I think that’s probably true. I grew up with Sex and the City, so it was really amazing for me to be among those women. Those are some pretty powerful women and I learned a lot. They were lovely women.”

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