Ex-Wife Claims David Hasselhoff Abused Her and Children

David Hasselhoff‘s ex-wife has accused the Baywatch star of regularly assaulting her during their marriage, and of being so drunk he often defecated himself.

Pamela Bach and Hasselhoff fought a bitter divorce battle earlier this year. She is now trying to legally overturn a prenuptial agreement.

And in court papers seen by British newspaper The Sun, Bach claims Hasselhoff‘s drinking and drug problems were the reason behind the breakdown of their 16-year marriage.

In the legal documents, she says: “He often hit me, pushed me around and threw things at me in a drunken rage.

“The petitioner (Hasselhoff) has abused alcohol and drugs for over 16 years and as a result is often intoxicated and either violent and uncontrollable or completely incapacitated.

“He frequently loses control of his bladder and bowels, urinating and defecating himself.”

Bach also accuses Hasselhoff of being unfaithful and of abusing their children, Taylor Ann, 16, and Hayley, 14.

She says, “The petitioner was unfaithful and untruthful throughout our marriage…

“The petitioner has also physically abused the children. He has slapped the girls on their a**es while intoxicated and on several occasions laid naked with them in their bed.

“He has screamed at Hayley. He called Hayley a c**t, slut, b**ch and a whore.”

And Bach alleges her ex-husband failed to reveal he had a sexually transmitted disease when they got married.

She says, “At the time of our marriage I was not informed that the petitioner had herpes.

“He failed to tell me about his condition for many years, potentially exposing me to the extremely dangerous virus.”

Earlier this week, Hasselhoff filed his own court papers accusing Bach of being “intoxicated or on drugs” at Taylor Ann’s 16th birthday party. He also claims she “often wrongly accused me of having affairs in the presence of our children.”

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