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Five Women Accuse Comedian Louis C.K. of Sexual Misconduct

Comedian Louis C.K. has become the latest celebrity accused of sexual misconduct in a shocking newspaper expose.

Five women have come forward to accuse the comic of inappropriate behavior in a New York Times article, published on Thursday (09Nov17).

Two of the women, comediennes Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov, claim the funnyman got “completely naked, and started masturbating” in front of them in his hotel room after their show at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in 2002, while another comic, Rebecca Corry, alleges that Louis asked her if he could “masturbate in front of me”, while they were filming a TV pilot in 2005.

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Courteney Cox, who was an executive producer on the show featuring the American Hustle actor and Corry, confirmed the alleged incident to the Times, stating, “What happened to Rebecca on that set was awful.”

The other two accusers also claim Louis C.K. masturbated in front of them.

The comedian’s publicist told the Times his client would not comment on the accusations, and he has not responded to requests for feedback.

But a former friend and colleague, Tig Notaro, recently addressed the reports swirling around the comic, telling The Daily Beast in August (17), “I think it’s important to take care of that, to handle that, because it’s serious to be assaulted. It’s serious to be harassed. It’s serious, it’s serious, it’s serious.”

She tells the Times, “Sadly, I’ve come to learn that Louis C.K.’s victims are not only real, but many are actual friends of mine within the comedy community.”

The shocking allegations come hours after the New York premiere of Louis‘ new film, I Love You Daddy, was cancelled, along with the comic’s scheduled appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

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In the film, the comic plays a father, desperately trying to prevent his teenage daughter, played by Chloe Grace Moretz, from dating a 68-year-old filmmaker.

The movie’s release is currently under “careful consideration” following the new allegations against the comedian.

“There is never a place for the behavior detailed in these allegations,” a statement from distributors at The Orchard reads. “As a result, we are giving careful consideration to the timing and release of the film and continuing to review the situation.”

Louis C.K., real name Louis Szekely, is the latest celebrity to be accused of sexual misconduct following another Times expose on movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s bad behavior a month ago. Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Piven, director James Toback, and Brett Ratner have since also been accused of sexual harassment and abuse.

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