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Florence Pugh rebukes followers for bullying Bella Thorne

Little Women star Florence Pugh has turned on her Instagram followers for posting nasty notes about Bella Thorne on her social media platform.

Impressed by Pugh’s video of her mild chilli tomato sauce ravioli with a white wine, butter, and herb poached lobster filling, which she cooked up for her week, Bella took to the comments section to rave.

“Omg please come over and make food,” she wrote.

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But for some reason her remark rubbed Pugh’s fans up the wrong way and some took aim at Thorne in a series of foul posts.

Florence took to the Instagram thread and rebuked those who were using her page to hammer Bella.

“@bellathorne to all those negatively trashing Bella, I do not appreciate it or like seeing people being unnecessarily dragged on my page,” Pugh wrote. “My page has NEVER been about that and I don’t like seeing it.

“I always appreciate your love but not at the cost of bullying someone else. Enjoy the ravioli!”

Did you know Florence and Harry Styles are signed up for the new film Don’t Worry Darling?

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