Florence Pugh ‘screamed for five minutes’ after seeing her debut Vogue cover


Florence Pugh was overcome with emotion when she saw her debut Vogue U.S. cover.

The Little Women actress graces the cover of the fashion magazine’s February (2020) issue, and told Entertainment Tonight at the 2020 Critics’ Choice Awards she “screamed for a solid five whole minutes” when she saw the finished product.

“Well, I was at home and I screamed for a solid five whole minutes – and five whole minutes is a long time to scream,” she laughed. “I mean, it’s bizarre. When does that ever happen?”

The star went on to explain the unexpectedly relaxed environment during the photoshoot, confessing she “thought it was going to be very daunting”.

“Actually, I got there and Daniel Jackson, the photographer, was just really happy with letting me have fun and be me and make all the silly faces and that was so cool,” the Fighting with My Family star recalled.

Florence is one of 2019’s biggest breakout stars, and looks set to continue her string of starring roles in Marvel’s upcoming flick Black Widow, opposite Scarlett Johansson.

“I’m 24 and it was my birthday and it’s 2020 and I’m on the cover of Vogue and so far it’s been a great year,” she smiled.

During Sunday’s prizegiving, director Greta Gerwig took home the Best Adapted Screenplay prize for Little Women, which was released on Christmas Day (December 25, 2019).