21 Fun Facts To Celebrate Liam Payne’s Birthday

Today, August 29th, 2014 marks the 21st birthday of Liam Payne. Daddy Direction can legally drink in America! An important thing for us grown-up Directioners. To celebrate the day, we’ve got 21 fun-facts about Liam. Not that boring stuff, like his zodiac sign (Virgo) or his middle name (James, just like his band-mate Niall Horan).

1. He is afraid of spoons. It’s not that weird, it’s kind of cute.


2. Of the band, he’s the only one who comes to work with his hair done. The other band members show up with their hair all over the place, but he won’t leave his house without doing his hair.


3. If he wasn’t a singer, he would make a fabulous journalist:


He might have been drunk, but he actually asked all the questions a fan wanted to know after watching the Brit Awards.

4. His favorite film is the Toy Story trilogy.


5. Liam once told TOTP that he had the best dance moves and he was, “The king of the dance floor!” With his signature 1-2-3 flick. Recognize those moves anywhere?


6. Liam’s dream job, aside from the one he is currently living as a pop-star, is a fire fighter.


7. He once had his underwear stolen (and then later worn) by a fan.


8. If Liam could invent an ice cream flavor, it would be “Krispy Kreme Donut.”


9. He once confessed to owning a pair of pink hair straighteners. We can see the evidence of that here.


10. He has said that Justin Timberlake is one of his biggest inspirations. He also sang “Cry Me A River,” at his 2010 X Factor audition. Good thing too, since look where that got him!


11. Once, he was asked what food he would be, he responded: “I’d be 7 bananas because it’s too much potassium and that’s dangerous.” Gotta love a bad boy.


12. His favorite color is still purple (had to include this because it’s adorable).


13. Liam once had no idea what YOLO and DTF stood for, so he guessed “Yummy Oreos Love Origami” and “Dedicated To Fans.” Better abbreviations, in my honest opinion.


14. Liam wishes he’d written the song “99 Problems,” by Jay Z. We wonder why?


15. All of his band-mates have said he’s got the best abs in the group. We cannot deny this.



16. Liam has a man-crush on Twilight star Taylor Lautner.


17. He has two pet turtles named Boris and Archimedes. He also has an adorable little husky named Loki (with his ex-girlfriend Danielle Peazer).

18. One time Liam was left behind and when the tour bus took off, he started running after it while waving his arms. The rest of the band mistook him for a fan at first.


19. Until he was 19-years-old, Liam suffered from kidney problems (1 scarred and dysfunctional kidney) that kept him from drinking and he had to lead a very careful life. Luckily, he’s all healthy now and can legally drink with his American fans!


20. The one person guaranteed to make him laugh is band-made, Louis Tomlinson! “Even if I’m in a situation where I’m mad at him, the person that can make me smile is Louis. Whatever happens he’ll make me laugh about something.”


21. One of Liam’s tattoos (the feather and lyrics) is dedicated to his Nan.


Happy Birthday Liam! We hope you have an awesome day and get to relax a little, if that’s possible to do in the middle of a world tour.


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