10 of the Funniest Jennifer Coolidge Quotes

There are only a few character actors that can turn everything they touch into gold and Jennifer Coolidge is at the top of that list. If you watch 2 Broke Girls, then you’re able to get her funny gems regularly, but if you don’t, chances are some of your favorite funny moments from movies belong to her. To celebrate her awesomeness, here are 10 funny quotes from this very funny lady.

1. On her deep gold digging connection.

thingsisawthatilove: A perfect lady.Castle Rock Entertainment/Tumblr

2. Her take on irony:

Warner Bros. Television/Tumblr

3. On her….assets:

tokomon: Hot Coco - Yo Stank (bitch)Ryan Murphy Productions/Tumblr

4. You can take her Elle Woods!


5. On the pain of being beautiful:

Warner Bros./Tumblr

6. On homophobia:


7. On role playing:

Warner Bros./Tumblr

8. On her ditsy behavior:

 Phoebe: Well, in America, you’re just an Ass. Warner Bros. Television/Tumblr

9. On the Kardashians:

Warner Bros./Tumblr

10. On being tricked:

Ryan Murphy Productions/Tumblr

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