Fallon Replacing Leno and Jay-Z’s New Gig: 10 Funniest Pop Culture Tweets of the Week

Jimmy Fallon

Easter eggs, April Fools’, and a new late night battle — what more could a pop culture enthusiast hope for? NBC announced that Jimmy Fallon would be replacing Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show in 2014 as Jay-Z decided to push even further into the sports industry (while a real sports hero took the nastiest of falls). And in the middle of all of this, North Korea started moving some of its missiles. Needless to say, there was plenty to make the Twitter comedians explode during the week of March 31. 

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See what funny comments they had to say this week on Twitter.

10 Funniest Pop Culture Tweets of the Week:

1. Julie Segal: “North Korea is taking this Leno leaving the Tonight Show thing way too hard.”

2. Stephen Colbert:
“Jay-Z is trying his hand at being a sports agent. He’s got 99 problems, but negotiating a great back-end deal w/Gatorade ain’t one.”

3. Jimmy Kimmel:
 “congratulations to my dear, sweet @jimmyfallon – a formidable rival and an incredible lover”

4. Damien Fahey:
 “I feel like if we give North Korea Pizza Tracker technology we could get them on our side.”

5. Sam Grittner:
 “Taylor Swift already wrote a hit song about Kevin Ware’s leg.”

6. Eugene Mirman:
 “I bet Rick Ross would think it was pretty funny if tonight a few guys pull molly in his drink & made love to him while he peacefully slept.”

7. Neal Brennan:
 “I’m glad Germany took away Bieber’s monkey. That kid ain’t sold enough records to have a monkey. #MJ”

8. Josh Gondelman:
 “April Fool’s Day was cancelled. APRIL FOOL! It still exists and sucks!”

9. Michael Ian Black:
 “A good April Fools prank would be for doctors to tell all their patients it’s cancer.”

10. Joan Rivers:
 “Passover and Easter are overlapping this weekend, so I’ve decided to dye my matzo balls.”

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