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What is Dead May Never Die: Where The ‘Game of Thrones’ Cast Are Now

Against our better judgment and emotional well-being, we became very attached to the characters on Game of Thrones. While no one is safe in the cast and characters get killed off without a second thought, it’s reassuring to know these actors get to “live on” in other roles. With a cast made up of largely European and lesser-known actors, it’s exciting to see the show take off and propel the careers of these talented and easy-on-the eyes thespians. So until season four returns next March or April, here’s where you can find the past and present citizens of Westeros in the meantime.


Peter Dinklage


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When he’s not strutting the Emmys red carpet, or entrancing children and adults alike on Sesame Street, Peter Dinklage a.k.a Tyrion Lannister will don armor once again in the Knights of Badassdom. The horror comedy film about LARPing (live action role play) was put on the backburner since 2010 but is slated for theatrical release this year. Dinklage will be joined by fellow LARP-enthusiasts Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) and the consistenly funny Steve Zahn. Dinklage will also make an appearance in the next X-Men installment, Days of Future Past, the dramedy The Angriest Man in Brooklyn starring Robin Williams and Mila Kunis and will reunite with his GOT onscreen sister, Lena Headey in the upcoming biopic, Low Down, about the famous jazz pianist Joe Albany.


Kit Harrington




It’s been a rough year for Jon Snow, with half his family dead and his ginger girlfriend going postal on his ass and shooting him in the back with arrows. But for Kit Harrington, things are shaping up quite nicely with two new movies in the bag — one involves dragons and Julianne Moore (The Seventh Son) while the other features some rock hard abs and a loose interpretation of history (Pompeii) — a winning formula Hollywood can’t resist.

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Hannah Murray 





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While our favorite Skins star doesn’t nab too much screen time on GOT, her character Gilly will have more a story arc next season now that she left the clutches of the incestuous commune of Craster’s Keep. In the meantime, Murray can continue to play manic pixie dream girls in the upcoming musical film, God Help the Girl, written and directed by Belle & Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch about a group of kids making music in Glasgow. Here’s a trailer of her other film, Lily & Kat, featuring Murray being the free-spirited wisp she’s so good at.


Richard Madden


As the dashing-boy prince Robb Stark, Richard Madden made his GOT exit in one of the most gruesome death scenes in television history. Poor Robb, we hardly knew ya. But lucky for us, Madden hasn’t completely abandoned the world of period pieces and fantasy fiction. He skipped the Emmys red carpet to play Prince Charming in the upcoming Cinderella film directed by Kenneth Branagh. Before he charms the glass slipper off of Lily James, he’ll seduce a wealthy married woman in pre-World War I England, played by the impecable Rebecca Hall in the film A Promise.

Emilia Clarke 


After burning her enemies to death and taking names, the mother of dragons, played by Emilia Clarke can abandon the blond extensions and form fitting medieval wear for a more natural look. She’ll appear in the much buzzed about comedic gangster film, Don Hemingway, starring Jude Law. While we would have pegged her as a love interest, she’ll actually be playing the daughter who he tries to repair his relationship with. Let’s hope Clarke acting isn’t CGI-dependent.

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