‘Game Of Thrones’ Sophie Turner Isn’t Here For Donald Trump & She Doesn’t Care Who Knows It


No matter what your politics are, if you’ve been paying attention for the past two weeks, then you know that after being in office for just two weeks, Donald Trump‘s policies have resulted in chaos across the country. Regular citizens and celebs have been really vocal about pushing back against Trump and his administration. 

A few weeks back, a Twitter user posted a new version of the “iconic duo” meme using Trump and his wife, Melania. 

Obviously, people trolled post with some tame and not so tame responses. 

However, when Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner joined it, it was game over. 

People lived for Sophie aka Sansa Stark’s response!

Twitter user @81 who originally put up the photo of Tump and Melania was even a good sport about it. 

Just in case you weren’t clear about Sophie’s opinions on Trump, she made herself abundantly clear with a tweet this past Saturday saying, “Sorry I haven’t been tweeting much guys. Here’s a roundup 1. No to that orange guy 2. Yes to women’s march. 3. Alternative facts is lol.”

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