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Garner bonded with Biel on Valentine’s Day set

The Hollywood actresses play gal pals in the upcoming romantic comedy, and Garner admits they connected immediately, having spent years surrounded by male-dominated casts.

Garner explains, “We don’t work with a lot of women on our films. And I haven’t worked much at all lately, to tell you the truth. The two weeks I worked on this movie were the only two weeks I’ve worked in about a year-and-a-half because of being pregnant and now having a one year old.

“But when I do work, it’s always one woman and a bunch of men in my casts – maybe my character has a friend in the script, but not always. It’s odd. So on this film, it was great to have someone like Jessica around, even though most of our scenes as best friends were over the phone.”

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And Biel agrees with her fellow actress, adding: “You never really bond with all the guys in your cast like they do with each other.”

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