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George Clooney Gets Apology from Arianna Huffington

George Clooney has received an apology from socialite/political commentator Arianna Huffington after she posted his comments on her website without properly attributing them.

The Oscar-winning actor objected last week when the “Huffington Post” put up what appeared to be an original blog from Clooney, when it was actually a compilation of remarks he’d made in newspaper and TV interviews.

Clooney originally agreed to let Huffington use his thoughts on America’s Democratic Party on her website, but not in the context in which they appeared.

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Huffington, in a blog of her own posted over the weekend, apologized and admitted it was a “big mistake” not to identify where the material had come from.

The website has established a new policy for dealing with such material in the future.

Huffington said, “Any time the HuffPost uses re-purposed material we will identify it as such and source where it originally appeared and link to it.”

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