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George Clooney Joins Politicians for Washington Showdown

Movie star George Clooney joined Senators Barack Obama and Sam Brownback in Washington, D.C., yesterday in an effort to urge President George W. Bush to take action and end the atrocities in Western Africa.

Fresh from an awareness trip to the Sudan, where armed Arab militia have been raping and killing African Muslims and driving them out of the country for several years, Clooney is keen to turn politicians’ heads towards the civil war hell he recently captured on film.

The Ocean’s Twelve star, who is in Washington for Sunday’s Save Darfur Coalition Rally to Stop Genocide, looked every bit like a politician as he dressed in suit and tie to address the National Press Club.

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The Oscar winner spoke about his visit to the war-torn African region with his father, former newsman Nick Clooney. He also showed reporters harrowing video footage from his trip, including interviews with refugees.

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