Who Is Nazanin Mandi?

Nazanin Mandinazaninmandi/instagram

There are a few people who you don’t want to be caught standing next to on the red carpet. Kerry Washington, Natalie Portman, Marion Cotillard — these women tend to be kinda flawless and should be avoided at all costs. But there’s another name with which you may not be as familiar: Nazanin Mandi. And she, too, should be avoided on the red carpet or in any public forum … and we wouldn’t recommend Instagram-stalking her either. She, too, is kinda, sorta flawless but she’s also kinda sweet, which makes her even more annoyingly awesome. Oh, and she’s Miguel‘s girlfriend which means that when you’re looking at Miguel you’re most likely looking at one of the luckiest guys around.

Nazanin has an insanely pretty face, but the woman does not get by on beauty alone. Yes, she’s a model, but she’s also an accomplished singer. And since she’s made appearances in her boyfriend’s videos, we’d been wondering when these two might collaborate in the studio. And sure enough, Miguel has confirmed that he’s actually producing her debut album. We’re guessing this means another super hot video from the two of them in the future? Here’s hoping!